climate change

Forecasting the future of life in Antarctica

Antarctic ecosystems are under increasing anthropogenic pressure, but efforts to predict the responses of Antarctic biodiversity to environmental change are hindered by considerable data challenges. We highlight new advancements in data capture and modelling techniques to improve biodiversity forecasts both near- and long-term.

Climate and land-use driven reorganisation of structure and function in river macroinvertebrate communities

Understanding temporal changes in the composition of species communities over spatial and temporal scales relevant to conservation management is crucial for preventing further biodiversity declines. Here, we assessed patterns and potential drivers of …

Increasing climate-driven taxonomic homogenization but functional differentiation among river macroinvertebrate assemblages

Global change is increasing biotic homogenization globally, which modifies the functioning of ecosystems. While tendencies towards taxonomic homogenization in biological communities have been extensively studied, functional homogenization remains an …